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Climbing is very popular here, so expect to meet other climbers at the crag, and don't be too surprised if some of the popular routes at the popular crags are a bit polished.

There are over 10,000 known routes in this gigantic area, and some crags are very secluded, so you'll want to plan ahead before just cruising over.

You have a choice of over 1500 crags to visit spread over an area of 2,723.5 square miles.

The rock is anywhere from slabby (though often with sections which could be overhanging), to overhanging.

Routes here are typically between 8 and 30 meters (~24-100 ft.), but some can be up to 40m long! Bouldering is also possible in the Frankenjura (pronounced with long a like in "watch" and the j is said like a "y", thus: Frahnkinyurah) and there are many many boulder problems here.