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The default XML serialization could also fail when you have the EF proxy and lazy loading enabled. Todo List_4ECA216B8773C8B6552AD787C3BA8087E9C365199E3C2F3C1E28B89CD6556441’ with data contract name Todo List_4ECA216B8773C8B6552AD787C3BA8087E9C365199E3C2F3C1E28B89CD6556441: You can see the DTO classes from Todo Item and Todo List files.

If you have not used Knockout JS, you can use the links from the reference section to learn it.

To use the template, just choose “Single Page Application” template when you creates a new ASP. We have 2 basic entity framework models Todo Item and Todo List. Todo Item entity has a foreign key Todo List Id and a virtual Todo List to represent the relationship with Todo List entity. Consider using a Data Contract Resolver or add any types not known statically to the list of known types – for example, by using the Known Type Attribute attribute or by adding them to the list of known types passed to Data Contract Serializer to solve both problems so that it works for XML and JSON serialization.

The default JSON/XML serialization of these two models, however, will run into circular reference problems. If the project only uses JSON, it can be solved quite simply by adding a “[Json Object(Is Reference = true)]” attribute to Todo List class. DTO is a preferred design pattern for solutions with complex data models.

Created a namespace for the app called "todo App" 6.

Updated the knockout Nuget packages Let’s discuss the important components for MVC SPA template using C#.