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The different trains DB Bahn’s first ICE made its debut in 1991 and today there are 5 varieties. Each operates between several major cities including international destinations in Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands. As soon as your booking have been processed, you will receive a booking confirmation, including a PNR number (reservation code) , by email.

Deutsche Bahn's fastest train: The ICE (Intercity-Express) is the fastest and most comfortable way of travelling on the Deutsche Bahn network, reaching speeds of up to 320 km/h, and new standards of excellence.

1st Class A quiet atmosphere, space and comfortable seatings on 1st class ICE services.

The comfort and convenience of the ICE are sure to win you over. If retrieving from a kiosk at a Regional-Station (S-Bahn) (example: Frankfurt Airport) please click on the "DB" button and then select "long distance" from the following menu in order to get to the correct prompts to retrieve your ticket. Important: Arrive at the train station at least 20 minutes prior to your departure time to allow ample time to print your tickets and board your train.

Many seats have a laptop power outlets and specially designated areas that will provide interference-free reception for your mobile.

Look out for the mobile phone symbols in the carriages.