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Its main focus, however, is on the comprehensive public library services provided to Schleswig’s ethnic Danes and Germans.

The libraries are unique, and they play a vital role in educating Schleswig’s ethnic Danes and Germans about their ancestral homelands, while promoting civic engagement in their adopted countries.

The theme of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions' (IFLA) 2010 Satellite Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark was While many of these services developed initially following an influx of immigrants from eastern and southern Europe and Turkey in the 1960s, Danish librarians have a century’s worth of experience providing comprehensive public library services for minority populations.

The Danish Central Library for South Schleswig (DCLS), headquartered in Flensburg, Germany, and the Association of German Libraries in North Schleswig (AGLN), headquartered in Aabenraa, Denmark, exist to serve the informational and cultural needs of the approximately 50,000 ethnic Danes residing in northern Germany and the nearly15,000 ethnic Germans living in southern Denmark.

This also resulted in the creation of a large Danish minority in northern Schleswig.