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The content and design of our web pages are copyrighted.Duplication of our pages or their content requires our prior written consent, unless already legally allowed. Answer: Simply stop into the library with a valid ID card (sponsor or spouse) and we will gladly establish an account for you and any ID card holding family members. Is there a limit on the number of books to be checked out at a time? As long as you do not exceed the individual item limits -- so unlimited books + 10 DVDs + two video games + 15 Music CDs = tons of fun! For questions about placing requests, please contact a librarian staff member. If an item is lost, it must be replaced according to our Library Materials Replacement Policy. Answer: We will send an email to the email address we have on file to notify you if an item is past due. Answer: We provide a variety of programs for children and adults. To learn more stop in and speak with a staff member, or explore the options on your own under the e-content tab at

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DVDs are limited to 10 per account, Video games are limited to two per account, and music CDs are limited to 15 per account.

For information about upcoming events and contact information visit our site at Answer: There is no limit on the number of books (including audiobooks) that can be checked out. With "My Account," you can also check the status of your account and renew items online. For current and upcoming events, visit our webpage at

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