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This creates an international atmosphere and an exciting learning environment, which includes spacious classrooms, a beautiful canteen and a modern multicenter with many services that support the instruction.

The reception's opening hours Monday-Thursday: - and friday: - Telephone hours Monday - Thursday: - Friday: - Multicenter: Monday-Thursday: - and Friday: -.

If you are a resident of a different EU country, but work in Denmark, you are also entitled to free Danish language instruction.

If you are not entitled to free instruction, you have the option to pay for it yourself. If you want to registrer as self-paying, contact Maria Tornslev at: [email protected] for academics If you are an employee at the University of Aarhus or if you are a student When we receive the referral from the Jobcenter you will be contated by us. If you are not resided in Aarhus municipality, you have to contact a caseworker in the municipality where you pay your taxes, in order to get a referral to Lærdansk Aarhus. If you are not permanently resided in Denmark, but you are able to document the fact that you are employed or are self- employed, the municipality where you work is obliged to pay for your Danish education.

4000 course participants from more than 100 countries.