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One difference between Noh and Kyogen performances is that the Kyogen performers do not wear masks and the Noh performers do. Swordfights and wild costumes are the norm in the stage productions. The art of Kabuki was actually created in opposition to the Noh theater.

Kabuki is a form of Japanese theater that combines drama, dance, and music and is the most well-known to people around the world. The idea was to tell more timely and lively stories to shock the audiences. Eventually, it grew into a stylized art form that still remains popular today.

Kanadahon Chushingura is one of the most-beloved Kabuki plays.

During that time, Kyogen was performed to give Noh theater an intermission between acts.

It would link the Noh play's theme with what was going on in the world at the time by using slapstick and farce.