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Valuable Rock Grade obtained from Contaminated Feed Material - The new dry process clay adhesions from screen waste produced in quarries and gravel pits.Operators report that they are able to convert more than 90 % of contaminated feed material into salable rock grade using the ‘Combimix’ system.

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Frank single sonthofen

The new plant opens up new markets for Müllerkalk, thereby compensating for the somewhat seasonally fluctuating lime market.

Waverton, Chester CH3 7PBUnited Kingdom Web Site: Graham Rideal Phone: +44 1244 33 2626Email: [email protected] Scientific has been producing precision glass microspheres for calibration for over 30 years and is the highest ranking European certification laboratory for primary methods of particle size analysis.

Having filled over 1 million bottles using a unique 100 stage spinning riffler system, we are now the world's leading manufacturer of single-shot glass microsphere standards.

Das Recycling des Glykols, das Erdgas beim Transport zugesetzt wird, spielt eine immer größere Rolle beim effizienten und umweltfreundlichen Betrieb von Gaspipelines.

BHS-Sonthofen hat ein neues Verfahren entwickelt, das bei geringeren Kosten deutlich mehr Glykol zurückgewinnt als bisher übliche Verfahren.