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As part of the special revision of entries relating to the First World War, a dozen Appeals were posted seeking earlier evidence for a small subset of the words thought to have entered the English vocabulary during that period.Nine of the twelve Appeals yielded results which were ultimately included in the Camouflage was defined in the second edition of the OED (1989) as ‘the disguising of any objects used in war, such as camps, guns, ships, by means of paint, smoke-screens, shrubbery, etc., in such a way as to conceal it from the enemy,’ with the first example dating from 1917.What are we to make, then, of this 1885 example, with a slightly different spelling, provided by the author Ammon Shea: He was also master in the art of camoufflage or disguise, his face being without age and readily changed to any style of physiognomy. Du Boisgobey Old Age of Lecoq vii This is unquestionably the same word, but the meaning is slightly different.

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famously aims to provide the earliest record of every word’s use.

The dictionary’s researchers routinely scour the citations gathered by the project throughout its history, as well as searching a plethora of electronic databases, and occasionally issuing Appeals to the general public.

This military use of the word was the first one to become familiar in English.

A frequent Appeals contributor known to us as ‘Bryn’ provided earlier evidence for the military use, dating from 1915: Headquarters visited Amiens to visit French…GOC Brig and Div and Gen. 1915 War Diary, 7th Battalion Bedfordshire Regiment, 13 Aug.

The word seems to have been first recorded in French at about the same time.