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After nearly three solid hours of dance floor shimmying to the Silvertones, supper was called at pm.

Supper men armed with the pots filed out to fill ceramic tea cups among the crowd, yelling their tea codes as they went — "anyone for white without? Mr Krause said a lot of socialising also went on."The same as happens in all social events when young fellas meet young ladies, there was not so much matchmaking, but a lot of matches were made — put it that way," he said.

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In the kitchen, trays of cakes were sorted, tomatoes were sliced, and eight-loaves-worth of egg salad sandwiches were taking shape, according to an exact recipe right down to the size of the egg - large.

Hidden behind piles of bread was Audrey Kickbusch, 85, who has been coming to the weekly dances for nearly 30 years."I'm a widow lady, and it's my social night out for the week ...

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They married in June after dating more than 20 years — a large part of that against the backdrop of Marburg dances, with their live bands and a master of ceremonies armed with a dance list. I was just out at the toilets, talking to the boys," Ms Klupfel said.