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The "Rerum Danicarum Historica" (1631) claims that the history of Helsingør can be traced back to 70 BC, but this information is highly dubious.If you'd like to rent a car to get from Copenhagen to Oslo, you have two options.

Depending on the type of cabin and season, the ferry starts around €90 for a round-trip ticket (without a vehicle).

Other options include driving to the northern tip of Denmark and taking one of the ferries to Norway from there (see Copenhagen to Oslo by Car). Select the bus stops KÖPENHAMN (Copenhagen in Swedish) and OSLO.

Swebus Express bus line 820 is a direct bus connection of Ingerslevsgade in Copenhagen and Oslo's Busterminal/Galleriet, with several stops in Sweden. Pick this option if you're low on money and have time to spare.

The pricing of this option is higher than bus fares, though, but still very affordable from around $150 / £90: A great option to get from Copenhagen to Oslo or from Oslo to Copenhagen within about 8 hours.

Taking the train to Oslo (or Copenhagen) is a very comfortable and reliable method of transportation.